Warehouse Opportunities

Donations Dock Coordinator

If you enjoy working with people, this is the position for you! The Donations Dock Coordinator accepts donations directly from drop-off donors and educates customers on what we accept and do not accept to maintain a high quality of sellable goods.

Mr./Ms. Fix-it Repair Volunteer

A wobbly leg or scratch can mean the death of an otherwise great donation. With a little attention (repair, refinishing, etc) these items can not only help raise funds for Habitat, they can also be rescued from unnecessarily cluttering our landfills. We’re looking for someone to help provide some TLC to our furniture and other items that need touch-ups.  Perfect for those handy people who enjoy refurbishing neglected furniture. Take pieces of furniture that need repairs, refinishing, or other care, and prepare them to be sold in the ReStore. Choose your own projects based on your ability.  Basic woodworking ability and familiarity with tools.

Metal Recycling Project Assistant

The ReStore is starting a Metal Recycling Project in order to maximize our proceeds and minimize waste. You wouldn’t believe the amount of appliances we receive that don’t actually work! We need folks to help remove metal components (faucets, disposals, drains, etc) from donations that cannot be resold, and sort them according to the type of metal. No skills required, just a willingness to learn!  Perfect for people who are handy, enjoy taking things apart, and want to help Habitat! The ReStore is starting a new metal recycling project in order to maximize the proceeds from donated items in order to help Habitat build more homes. We receive many generous donations of appliances, but unfortunately not all are in appropriate condition to be resold. Through the metal recycling program, we hope to be able to salvage as many of the metal components as possible before discarding items that cannot be sold. The project will also help the ReStore to minimize the amount of waste sent to landfills annually. The metal recycling project assistant will be responsible for removing metal components (faucets, disposals, and drains from sinks and tubs, copper wire, ceiing fan and washing machine motors, etc.) and sorting them into recycling containers according to type of metal. Training will be provided.


Requirements for Volunteers:

Self-sufficient, requiring little supervision
Knowledge of and commitment to the philosophy of Habitat for Humanity
Cooperative attitude
Ability to work closely with ReStore staff and volunteers
When: Year-round, Tuesday through Saturday. Make your own schedule
Minimum time commitment: no hourly requirement, but you must finish any project you start
Work site: 408 Madison St.
Supervisor: Store Managers

How YOU Benefit!

Opportunity to meet people with similar interests
Opportunity to expand your skillset by interacting with other experienced volunteers
Chance to use your skills for a good cause
Regular volunteers can enjoy a discount on ReStore merchandise


Habitat for Humanity of Montgomery County Tennessee